Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday, Baseball, and Besties

I apologize for not posting anything in the last couple of weeks.  We all know how time can get away from you.

May 30, we celebrated Babbling Brook's 1st birthday with family and friends back in Texas.  Her birthday is not until June 21, but this was the only weekend that worked with everyone's schedule.

Babbling Brook and I had not been home since January 25, so there were quite a few people we needed to catch up with.  Her birthday party was a great success.  We really enjoyed seeing friends and family.  We got to see all 3 kids (kids: Hunter, Derek, Kylie--Audra's cousins) play baseball.  I miss not being able to go to all of their games and cheer them on.  They would probably prefer that I only go to one game a year to spare them the embarrassment.  

Cynthia Bellar, from Lindale, made the cake and did a spectacular job.  The top tier was strawberry cake, and the bottom dark chocolate fudge.  I highly recommend her!

God bless,