Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Story

Sweet Hubby and I met mid-August of 2000. I was a feisty 20 year old know-it-all, seen-it-all, been-through-it all college girl. He was an 18 year old naive, shy, singing, football playing senior in high school. It was not love at first sight. We were both in relationships but God certainly planted a seed.

A few years later, we saw each other again.  I was fresh out of a relationship and not looking for love.  After an evening of singing (him) and talking (probably me), he finally mustered up enough courage to ask for my number.  We went on one date but cut it short after dinner because I had "homework."  (I really did!)

I saw him about 6 months after that date but still was not interested.  You see, I had a rule.  I didn't date boys that wore wranglers.  I assumed all boys that wore wranglers were the egotistical cowboys that I went to high school with.  I was young and know better now!!

We went our separate ways.  Both spent time in relationships that obviously didn't work out.  Three years after our last encounter, we reconnected through Myspace.  Corny, I know.  I found him.  I wrote him a message letting him know how proud I was of him.  If you don't know this already, Sweet Hubby is an amazing singer!  After a month of talking on the phone and catching up, we saw each other.  Two days later, I was his girlfriend.  This was very close to love at first fourth sight.

After 3 months of dating, one evening (8/7/06) he looked at me and said, "Marry me."  I replied, "OK!!"  He really didn't even ask.  We set a wedding date for 7/7/07.  We did get married on the original date but it was for the second time.  Sweet Hubby was on tour and his last tour date was in Las Vegas.  He called me 4 days before his Vegas stop and asked me to check on plane tickets.  I asked him if I needed to bring a dress and ring (for him).  He said yes.  I booked a chapel, flight and worked out all the details for our wedding in 2 days.  I arrived in Vegas at 10:30am and we were married by 1:30pm Saturday, September 30, 2006.  It's our fairy tale story.

No, our parents were not upset at us for running off to Vegas because we promised them a traditional wedding.  No, I did not ask Sweet Hubby to not wear wranglers.  Yes, I am the luckiest woman to have such a great man and father to our children.   

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Settling In

There are boxes still in the garage and paint samples on the walls, but we are moved in.  We sleep in our rooms at night, wake up to the morning paper, and Jaxson travels down 3 steps to the backyard with no leash.  Praise God!  We have a house. 

And a baby on the way.

I cannot tell you all of the hurdles and obstacles that were thrown in our way before we finally had the stamp of approval.  I may one day write it all out but for the meantime, if you really want to know, give us a call and we will tell you the entire crazy story! 

Speaking of crazy...last Saturday was a mess.  Babbling Brook and I headed into Franklin for some errands - now 11 miles (15-20 minutes) away.  As we were driving, the sun was directly in Babbling Brook's eyes, the backseat was warmer than I realized and before I knew it, Babbling Brook was carsick.  No extra clothes, just a bunch of wipes and wet ones.  Instead of traveling the 11 miles back to the house for some clothes, I chose to run into Kohl's to get her a new (on sale) outfit.  I wrapped her up in her shopping cart cover and went inside.  I found a cute outfit, got her dressed right then and there and checked out.  We ran a few errands and then headed back home.  Once home, I did the usual routine, grabbed diaper bag, keys, opened Babbling Brook's door, locked the doors, got Babbling Brook out of the car, shut her door, grabbed for the keys to open the door.....keys?  Oh yeah, instead of placing them in the diaper bag, I sat them down in the backseat.  Then I remembered I had 3 other keys to the other doors of the house.  I went to the back door, unlocked the deadbolt but couldn't find the key to unlock the door knob.  Ok, I will try the front door...same thing.  Oh crap.  What am I going to do.  Sweet Hubby is in Ohio with all spares.  Think.  I don't want to call a locksmith.  After an hour of calling our sellers, my husband, and trying to locate my neighbor, I remembered something.  There was a cut out in our ceiling from our attic to our laundry room.  The atttic stairs are in the garage, thankfully I parked in the garage so we were already in there.  So, I locked Babbling Brook in the backyard (gate has outside lock) prayed for her safety, went up to the attic --but only after getting a ladder so I could reach the string to pull down the attic ladder.  I found the cutout that goes to the laundry room.  I went back down, found a flat head screwdriver, checked on Babbling Brook, went back up the stairs, removed the cutout using the screwdriver, shimmied down to the washer and TA DA-- was in the house.  Now that you all know our secret passage way, I should disclose that we have an AWESOME alarm system.  :) Not to mention, I do like to hunt and am a pretty good shot.  I'm just sayin'.

Sweet Hubby and the group are still traveling every weekend.  They are finishing up their Christmas album as I write this blog.  I will keep you updated on when/where you can get the album! 

Babbling Brook?  She hasn't grown in height much - less than an inch in 4 months.  What can I say, she is very much my daughter.  She is sweet and loving but very independent.  She doesn't like to wear socks or shoes, no matter how cold the wood floors are.  She loves to chase Jaxson, play in the shade, and Sesame Street.  She can already say "A, B, C" and signs "Please" whenever she wants something.  She has manners.  When she signs "thank you," she adds a kiss.  She is smart and her main love language is words of affirmation.  I love our daughter, she is probably teaching me more than I could ever teach her. 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  My parents and aunt are coming to visit.  I am super excited to host my very first Thanksgiving in our very first home!!!  The events of that day should be enough to blog about.  I'm sure we will have some stories to tell.  While my parents are in town, they will get to go with us to a doctor's appt and hear the baby's heartbeat.  (last time was 169)  You tell me - boy or girl??  The pregnancy hasn't been much different from Babbling Brook's.  I want fruit and veggies, no meat, not big into sweets and I haven't been sick except for an actual stomach bug.  We should find out at the beginning of January what we are having!!  We don't care as long as we have a healthy baby.  Of course, I would love to give Babbling Brook a sister.  I have an amazing sister that I can't imagine life without.  BUT I would also love to give Sweet Hubby a son.  He doesn't care either what we have.  Let's just pray this time that I have no bed rest. 

Till next time-- God bless,