Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Calm Creek

Our baby boy arrived May 16, 2010 at 1:34pm. He weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19 3/4 inches.  He is now 3 months and still as calm as he was the day he was born.  He is so sweet and cuddly.  Babbling Brook is quite fond of him and cannot give him enough kisses.

And, We're Back...

I know it's been way too long since my last post.  I haven't been busy surviving a flood, giving birth, traveling to Texas, raising 2 babes while Sweet Hubby was out of town 25 of 31 days, and now back working full time from home. No, not busy one bit.  :)  Can I just say that if you don't really know me - I am very sarcastic.  Think Chandler from Friends.  That's me, especially in awkward situations.  I don't like serious.  However, most say I'm more like Monica.  I guess I would be Chandler and Monica's daughter if they had children -- and if they were in fact REAL PEOPLE! 

anyway back to reality. 

We've been a little busy but not too busy to have a very eventful morning yesterday.  I am sitting at my desk, in our master bedroom, working.  Sweet Hubby entered the room with the vacuum cleaner, plugged it in, and "click," followed by a very loud, "beeeeeeeepppp."  He tripped a breaker which in turn shut down my workstation and cut off the alarm system that was still armed from the night before.  Great.  We run out to the garage and flip the breaker (or whatever it's called).  Phone rings, "this is your alarm company and we have received notice that there is a burglary."  I tried to explain what happened.  Then she asked for our passcode.  Not the code that turns off the alarm but the passcode that lets her know that we are all okay and there is not a burglar in the house and she doesn't have to call the cops.  If only, I could remember the passcode.  I give her one.  She calls back -- wrong code.  I give her another one.  Wrong again.  Meanwhile, I am digging through our filing cabinet trying to find the paper that I wrote it on.  Audra is freaked out over the excitement that she has an accident on the floor.  We are in the middle of potty training. 
FINALLY - I found the code!!  By this time, they have called 4 times and we were too late on giving them the correct code.  Authorities are on their way.  We clean up Audra's accident (we have wood floors thankfully), put some shorts on her, and greet the cops at the door.  Casey opens the door and tells them everything is okay.  Cop unsnaps his holster and is ready to draw his gun.  The cop asks for Casey's DL.  No problem except his DL has our old address.  I run and get mine which has our new address. 

Cops leave.  We laugh and vow to never plug the vacuum cleaner in our room while I am working.

The end. 

Oh and Calm Creek?  Sleeping through it all.